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SUP Board Rental

SUP Board Rental

  • SUP Board Rental
  • SUP Board Rental

SUP Board Rental

We rent SUP Boards in Kitee

SUP Board Rental

The popularity of the competition has exploded in recent years. The competition is the perfect way to enjoy a summer day on the waters while admiring the scenery. The sport is suitable for practically everyone, regardless of fitness level and age. Sup-boarding develops the muscles of the middle body in many ways and activates the abdominal area in particular, whereby the waist narrows, the posture improves and the back problems get a ride.

The board is 330 cm long and 80 cm wide All Round type SUP board. The thickness of the board is 15 cm, which allows the toes to stay dry, and the board does not bend in the middle. Thanks to its round shape, the board is easy to handle and is also ideal for beginners. Recommended user weight max. 135 kg

The board is filled with the included pressure gauge pump. It takes about 10 minutes to pump, you should use your legs and middle body instead of your hands, this way you will cope better. Lighter users can pump the board from 11 to 13 PSI and heavier ones up to 15 PSI.


The plate set includes:

  •     Inflatable SUP board
  •     Pump with pressure gauge (board filling approx. 10 min, max filling pressure 1bar / 15PSI)
  •     Adjustable three-piece aluminum paddle
  •     Fins to be attached to the board
  •     Carrying Backpack
  •     Coiled SUP leash
  •     Canoe vest, OneSize fit all model (Floatability 50N, Suitable for people weighing more than 40 kg).
  •     15L dry bag for camping equipment


One (1) board

  • 1 Day (24h) 30 €
  • 2 days (48h) 45 €
  • 3 days (72h) 60€
  • Week (7 days) 120 €

Two (2) boards

  • 1 Day (24h) 50 €
  • 2 days (48h) 65 €
  • 3 days (72h) 80€
  • Week (7 days) 150 €

  • Prices include VAT 24% and will be charged upon pick-up
  • Pick-up and drop-off point Ilmolantie 3, 82500 Kitee (Innohalli)
  • Rental conditions and others will be agreed upon collection.

Contact us and book your own rental time at or +35850 5431354

Rental service available in KiteeTohmajärvi, Rääkkylä, Kesälahti and Central Karelia

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